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Kangana Ranaut’s dispute with Shiv Sena BMC.

शिवसेना BMC के साथ कंगना रनौत का विवाद

Kangana Ranaut is giving a hit which was made by the leader of Shiv Sena party, which was made by Bal Thackeray, this party has been made by many people who are not doing equal work to Bal Thackeray and Shiv Sena party, CM in this Maharashtra party.

The problem is happening, putting one time on the public Kangana Ranaut’s dispute with Shiv Sena BMC Varun Sood stepped into Substandard for Rap Star..

Kangana Rawat’s saying that the Shiv Sena party does not have the right to handle Mara because they do not have any experience that can handle Maharashtra is a new party that has taken a question in its own way but they have no experience It is not how the country runs or India.

Kangana Ranaut’s dispute

National is a very big state in India, its income of Delhi is at 3000 crores. Many people have not ordered to run properly. Maharashtra CM is a new player who has now taken over the rest of the country. Bal Thackeray is a very big person who used to study in Maharashtra according to his own age, his life is dead Latest News.

If you are also with Kangana Rawat, then the house will like her by visiting her post, on Instagram, she has updated her sand story and post which is about Shiv Sena party about Maharashtra CM, fit is your point.